Frequently Asked Questions

Kind Eagle helps health care practices and providers find the most effective ways to promote your practice online. This can range from Google Ads to website opimiztaion (SEO) or marking sure your clinic information is correct and consistent throughout the Internet. Instead of flipping through the phone book, potential patients research foot and ankle problems and look up local clinics/provider’s contact information search engines.

After working with a practice to determine their specific goals and objectives, we create and manage a digital marketing plan. Performance reports are provided on a monthly basis to our clients in clear and easy to understand language. The focus of our service is to help medical professionals like you achieve your goals by generating new patient visits and finding the right patient’s for your practice.

While our main focus is on podiatrists, we are opening to working with health care providers of all specialities.

We don’t have packages or templated solutions, each provider and clinic has different needs. We cannot provide pricing information without receiving details from you about your practice and your goals. Goals first, proposal second.

Yes, we are more than happy to help you better understand the opportunities digital marketing provides. No buzz words or confusion acronyms, we break things down in plain English and help guide you toward the real metrics that will help build your practice.

This can be along with your digital marketing package or can be booked seperately. These educational sessions are held through online video conferencing.

My background as a residency trained and practicing podiatrist helps me better understand your point of view. I have experience and an understanding about podiatric practices that agencies lack. This helps me create on the right tone and cultivate the right messages to build your practice.

I’m a professional digital marketer, but I’m still a podiatrist at heart.

We are happy to provide digital marketing education and services for people anywhere in the the world.

That’s a good question. There’s two reasons for the name:

  1. During high school, my cross country coach’s dad would write the team inspirational letters with the pseudonym, Kind Eagle. He was a funny, creative and kind man and I thought it would be a cool domain name.
  2. Now that I’m an American living in Canada, it’s kind of taken on a second meaning.